Axxess Clients



Axxess is cost-effective and affordable advertising for almost any business owner.  Our advertisers are local and regional businesses – mostly restaurants, retailers & service providers looking to attract new customers.  They have their own story, are passionate about what they have to offer and seek the help of Axxess in building their business.


 Axxess Clients
Through strategic channels of distribution, Axxess targets an upscale demographic with disposable income – mostly families, professionals, and home owners.  The Axxess membership base is comprised of pre-qualified consumers who have paid for the privilege of doing business with the merchants that advertise with us.  These Members (Cardholders) are the bread and butter of your program and will require customer service and support throughout the year.

In addition to the local discounts, Axxess offers membership benefits, such as discounted movie tickets and theme park tickets, which are available for purchase directly through Axxess.  Our CardMember Services will act as your full-time customer support staff in servicing these needs.

Winning Tradition

In 2011, Axxess won the Community Business of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce.