Franchisee Highlight: Axxess Ventura

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The decision to restructure your career, and purchase a business is not one that is made overnight.  That’s why the Axxess Franchise Support Team is there with you every step of the way to discuss business operations, financials, and compatibility in a streamlined process.  This way you can intelligently decide if owning a home-based promotional business that not only provides print, web, and mobile advertising but also gives back to its community is right for YOU!

To give you an inside look at what it’s like to own an Axxess Franchise, here’s a glance at Mindy Easter, the owner of Axxess Ventura.

  Why did you decide to become an Axxess Franchisee?
A.  The Axxess business model was in alignment with my background and career experience.
What was your business/sales experience previous to becoming the owner of an Axxess Franchise?
A.  Prior to Axxess, I had many years of sales experience.  I also owned a business for six years that published seasonal magazines and coupon books for shopping centers.

Q.  What has been the biggest reward of owning an Axxess Franchise?
A.  By far, the biggest reward is helping the community through our fundraising efforts.

Q. What has been the most fun part of owning your own Axxess Franchise?
A. Going to the classrooms to explain the fundraiser to all the kids, they are always so excited about the prizes.

Q. What has the feedback from the advertisers been like?  How about the feedback from members and fundraising partners?
A.  Most advertisers are pleased and are aware that it is growing. We retained 90% of our advertisers and added over 80 new merchants in our 2nd year.
The members are still in the learning phase of how to use the card, but the members that are using it are so happy to see this program in their community.  Our fundraisers were successful for the 1st year and we should triple our fundraising goals this year.

Q.  What has been your biggest challenge?
A.  Collecting artwork in a timely manner.

Q. How much easier was year two than year one?
A.  Our merchants, members and fundraising partners saw our growth and were happy to be a part of a program that supports the community.

Q. How has the Axxess Corporate Office made your life as a business owner easier?
A. The corporate office call center has eliminated the need for staff to be restricted to the office to handle incoming calls.

The Ventura Axxess program is currently in it’s third year.  The 2013 Ventura Community Savings Directory featured 180 pages of discounts from over 200 local merchants, including over 50 2-for-1 offers.

For more information on becoming an Axxess Franchisee, please call 805-884-0307 or visit




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