Ongoing Support & Training

Axxess Training

We recognize that the key to your success lies in the strength of your training and support. Axxess provides initial and ongoing training opportunities for all of our franchise partners. In addition to the online resources that you’ll have 24/7 access to, you’ll also be invited to take part in future teleseminars that will help keep you and your business on track.  We offer the following training opportunities:

  • Initial Owners Training
  • On-site Training
  • In-depth Sales Training
  • Advertiser Retention Training (second year)
  • Optional: Advanced Sales Training for owners and/or staff

Ongoing Support

In addition to the intensive training sessions above, Axxess offers weekly ongoing trainings with the CEO for all Franchise owners.  These trainings are part of our Track to Profit success model and give our franchise owners the opportunity to both learn as they go, as well as forum for addressing any questions or concerns that arise.

Our franchisees will also have 24/7 access to our on-demand video library, comprehensive collection of training & support documents available for download, and suggested reading & listening lists.

Axxess CardMember Services

The Axxess home office will serve as your full-time Member Services Team. Our experienced support staff will handle all customer service related administrative work, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. As an Axxess Franchise Owner, your Axxess Cardholders will be your most important asset and require your full attention year-round. While we’re sure you’ll love your members as much as we do, providing quality customer service in a timely manner can be a drain on your time, energy, cash flow and thus, your profitability. Our CardMember Services Department is designed to streamline all support needs, including customer calls & emails, orders, order fulfillment and inventory management.

With our full-time CardMember Services Staff at your service, you’ll have the freedom and luxury of a flexible schedule while still touting the benefits of a world-class customer service department. In addition, because Axxess provides these services to all of our Franchise partners, you’ll enjoy the cost-savings that you won’t find with other business models.

The Benefits Can Really Add Up

  • NO office lease to negotiate
  • NO furniture or equipment to invest in
  • NO monthly rent overhead
  • NO office staff to train or manage
  • NO inventory to stock
  • NO set schedule to maintain
  • NO customer service issues to handle


 Ongoing Support & Training