The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate to own an Axxess Franchise is someone who is willing to work hard to create the income and lifestyle they desire.

Axxess Franchise owners possess the following traits and are continually working to enhance their abilities in these areas:

Social/Outgoing –  Business to business sales  requires excellent communication skills.  You must have the ability to relate to a wide range of business owners, advertising professionals and other decision makers.  Building your business by attending networking events and joining the Chamber of Commerce is also vital to the success of an Axxess Franchise.

Self Motivated – You are your own boss!  With this freedom comes the responsibility of managing your time, finances, business plan and other day to day operations.

Goal Oriented –  In order to stay on track, it is important that you set goals for yourself and your Axxess Franchise.  Give yourself goals on how many advertising accounts you will close, how many memberships you will sell, how much money you will fundraise for local schools etc.

Excellent Time/Resource Management –  Owning an Axxess Franchise requires that you constantly manage your time to maximize advertising sales and fundraising opportunities.  How you decide to manage this time is up to you, and the Axxess Support Team is available to help you.  It is possible to operate an Axxess Franchise on your own.  However, depending on your plans for growth, hiring a staff can make your Axxess Franchise run more efficiently.  Therefore, experience managing personnel is a plus when deciding if owning an Axxess Franchise is right for you.

 The Ideal Candidate