The Industry


Throughout history, offering a discount has proven to be the number one, time-tested way to increase sales. According to Nielson Data, coupon enthusiasts – the heaviest users – tend to shop more frequently and spend more than non-couponing consumers. They also tend to be better educated and more affluent (earning $70K+ annually) which makes this demographic extremely desirable for advertisers trying to attract loyal customers.


The economic recession of 2009 spurred a resurgence of coupon usage. Inmar reports that coupon redemptions grew by 27% as Americans searched for ways to cut household costs and get more for their money. With demand comes opportunity. Unlike traditional coupons, the Axxess Card is a classy and more convenient savings tool for consumers to use over and over again, benefitting both the consumer and the business owner.

In The Future

With the economic recovery taking hold slowly, industry experts expect coupon use to continue long into the future. As this trend continues, Axxess is well poised for growth within the industry. By coupling a proven business model with the addition of new technologies, Axxess is keeping up with consumer demand while offering a truly attractive value proposition for advertisers.
 The Industry